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Accelerate Wealth

Take control of your financial future.


About Accelerate Wealth 

Everyday, we help people like you achieve financial freedom. How? By offering smart wealth management solutions designed to reduce debt fast, and propel you to financial prosperity.  

We are a full service wealth management company that offers solutions for rapid mortgage reduction, property investment, home loans, financial and retirement planning and superannuation. Our focus isn't on keeping you in debt like the banks. Our approach to wealth creation starts with education. We guide you toward your financial goals and beyond.

Our team of wealth managers have over 30 years experience and are committed to shaking up the traditional banking and financial institutions. So, we are here to help, from buying your first home to retirement, we will accelerate your wealth. 


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Our Services


Our mission is to help you achieve your financial goals through smart wealth management strategies.



We can assist you to create a financial plan that is sensitive to various taxation issues.

rapid mortgage REDUCTION

Beat the banks at their own game, and learn how to pay your mortgage off 2 to 3 times faster.



For many it is the well deserved reward from the culmination of effort you have put into your working life. 


There are many ways to build your wealth and make your money work harder for you. 



You have a right to protect your assets whilst you are alive and decide what happens to your estate when you die.